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Welcome to Dynamic Health Center

The doctors and medical staff of Dynamic Health Center have worked relentlessly to help their patients live pain free. They combine the absolute best in holistic medical pain management, physical medicine, chiropractic care, and physical rehabilitation. Our staff of doctors, practitioners, and medical assistants treat patients experiencing and suffering from low back pain, neck pain, knee arthritis, shoulder pain, hip pain, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, migraines, and much more. We also treat patients who have been injured in a car accident. Our practice believes in whole family wellness, as we see patients from infants to elders.

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Dynamic Health Center History

Dynamic Health Center was started 3 years ago by Dr. Weigel, an honor graduate in 2010 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Weigel was selected to represent Palmer on a clinic abroad trip to bring health care to the Islands of Fiji. Dr. Weigel grew up in Grand Junction, CO, and relocated to Denver to practice close to his family. He started Dynamic Health Center with the purpose of “helping as many people as possible to achieve and maintain health through natural means.”

If you have not been to a medically integrated office before and want to find out more, please Email Us or call (303) 873-6232 to receive the answers to your questions from our experienced team. We also welcome referrals, so we invite you to use the "Send to Friend" link to share our website and wellness information with your friends and loved ones.

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Dr. Jesse Weigel
Aurora Chiropractor | Dynamic Health Center | (303) 873-6232

2993 S. Peoria St., Suite 270
Aurora, CO 80014

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "Dr. Weigel runs an excellent practice. He uses his extensive knowledge to treat patients. In other words, one doesn't get the same adjustment everytime. It depends on what a person's body needs. And he wants his patients to get well and isn't a quake who is just trying to make money"
    Cheryl D.
  • "Dr. Jesse was very accommodating getting me in on short notice when I was suffering from an injury. He did an excellent job adjusting me while being quick, informative, and thorough. I felt better immediately and hope that trend continues! I would definitely recommend him as he did a great job and seems very effective and efficient! Thank you!"
    Jenna B
  • "Excellent, friendly and knowledgeable"
    Kathy B
  • "I have had many Chiropractic Care experiences over many years. Dr. Weigel and is admin assistant are one of the best I have encountered. Chiropractic Care is about a healthy lifestyle and healthy lifestyle choices. If you are going to a Chiropractor only when you are in pain or discomfort, then you will not benefit from Chiropractic care. I very much appreciated the time the Dr. spent explaining my X-rays of my current spinal condition. It really helped me understand on a much more educated level, the current state of my "spine health" and the goals to get to a better level with no low back pain. I am in great hands and grateful for finding Dr. Weigel for my future health and well being."
    Robert S.
  • "I would highly recommend Dr. Weigel to anyone. I went in suffering for years with lower back pain and headaches, Now with the help of Dr. Weigel, I am almost pain free and rarely get headaches. He and staff have always been friendly, professional and honest. Thank you Dr. Weigel and Dynamic Chiropractic, You guys are amazing!"
    Christy P.
  • "Dr Weigel is great and gives great and gentle adjustments. You will definitely get better by having him take care of you whether it is migraines , headaches , back or knee pain."
    Michael A.
  • "Awesome place ...Dr Weigel is very diligent about knowing what is going on with your back and is always making sure you're taken care of... your health is his focus. I have never felt better."
    Tamatha C.
  • "I am being treated at Dynamic Care Chiropractic due to a car accident and from my initial visit the receptionist Jonna was extremely pleasant and Dr. Weigel has gone far beyond my expectations. I am now sleeping better and my pain has decreased tremendously. We are still working on my neck but l am extremely confident we will resolve that issue as well. I highly recommend this office to anyone seeking chiropractic care."
    Anthony S.
  • "I was in a car accident in 2015. I began seeing Dr. Weigel in 2016 due to chronic headaches and back pain. Since seeing Dr. Weigel I have fewer headaches and back pain. I have been to several chiropractors and highly recommend Dr. Weigel."
    Joelle B.
  • "Excellent care and service! Both Dr.'s are amazing and their main focus is getting you to feel better as quickly as possible. Their attention to detail is spectacular and they pride themselves on giving well-rounded care! Not only is the initial consultation complete but they really make sure to take their time with each follow up visit. I would recommend this office to anyone!"
    Richelle H.
  • "I had been dealing with a acute sciatica pain, I called and made an appointment. I went to the office with a pain of 10. Jesse worked his magic on my back and the pain was elevated and I walk out of the office with a pain of 4. I was literally back on my feet. The office is warm and inviting. It is very close to the light rail which makes it great for access. I am continuing follow up treatments with him and I have never felt better. I would highly recommend DCC. Thank you so very much."
    Jason R.
  • "Absolutely the best in the business! Professional and clean environment, kid-friendly and myself and my twins always feel amazing after a treatment."
    Ashlee I
  • "Amazing care! Dr. Weigel takes such good care of us each and every time! Thank you so much!! HIGHLY recommend Dynamic Care Chiropractic."
    Kassidy C.
  • "Walking into the office gave me the feeling of pride and comfort. Dr. Weigel treated me with concern and an education for my chronic discomfort. He was able to target my areas of need without my explanation. He worked on me and I instantly felt relief. My condition is not an easy fix but Dr. Weigel provided me with some self help movements and exercises to initiate on my own. Between myself being proactive and Dr. Weigel's hands on treatments, I'm ready to live my life with less pain!"
    Heidi G.
  • "Having scoliosis in my neck and low back caused daily pain and it's so tiring dealing with your daily routine/work/etc. while in pain.I have always been a believer in Chiropractic care as I don't like taking medications and believe in living a holistic lifestyle. Dynamic Care Chiropractic has helped me fulfill that lifestyle."
    Cynthia S.
  • "I was having lower back, shoulder, and neck pain. Coming to Dynamic Care Chiropractic has improved my health and helped release the tension and pain I was feeling."
    Ruth H.
  • "I have always had problems with TMJ, headaches, upper and lower back pain, ribs displaced, knee pain, and carpal tunnel symptoms. I already live a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating a healthy diet, but adding chiropractic treatment has improved my quality of life immensely. I now rarely take pain medication, I sleep better, and I feel fantastic!"
    Donna E.
  • "I was coming in to find out why my joints and muscles were aching and constantly sore, When I had my exam and x-rays, I found out I was in the early stages of degenerative bone disease. I was chocked to see that my hips, back, and shoulders were misaligned so far. Now that I have been receiving regular treatment from Dr. Weigel my posture is better, and I have been running and hiking without pain and soreness in my joints and muscles. I have more energy now than I ever have. I am so thankful I made the choice to come to Dynamic Care Chiropractic."
    Danny D.
  • "I was at the gym working out when I heard something pop in my hip joint. The pain was immediate and so intense that I could not raise my foot an inch off the floor.I thought of going to the emergency room, but decided that pain pills wouldn't fix it. I called Dr. Weigel and he got me in for treatment immediately. After one treatment I was markedly better, and then just days later I could raise my foot without pain. I firmly believe without the adjustment I would still be immobile."
    Phyllis S.
  • "I woke up on a Saturday with major center back pain that made walking, sitting, and standing extremely difficult. I tried ice and heat, but neither helped. The pain was so intense, that I had a hard time functioning in general. I then called Dr. Weigel for an emergency visit, and he was more than willing to treat me with no hesitation on his day off. I improved 70-80% by that afternoon. I recommend Dynamic Care Chiropractic to everyone, and feel great knowing that they are there to support me."
    Rob T.
  • "I had stopped seeing a Chiropractor for several months, and a lot of my issues returned. It became especially uncomfortable to work and sleep. Since coming to Dynamic Care Chiropractic my sleeping problems are gone, my back pain, my neck pain, and the pain in my arms don't return when working long hours."
    Susan P.
  • "This is a very amazing place with a wonder staff and a amazing doctor thanks again for fixing me up and taking the pain away"
    Brandon H.
  • "Probably the best care I've ever received. I came in and could barely move after years of bodily abuse through sports and lifting. Currently I'm completely pain free and I couldn't be happier. I recommend everyone go and check this place out. You won't regret it."
    Patrick G.
  • "My experience at Dynamic Care Chiropractic has always been wonderful. Dr. Weigel is very attentive and takes the time needed to ensure I walk out feeling better than when I walked in. The staff is extremely friendly and always helpful. Since coming here to get adjustments I've seen a huge improvement! I sleep better, experience less pain, and have been more active than I've been in the last 3 years."
    Lynn B.
  • "I’ve been dealing with severe pain in my lower lumbar lately, and have tried everything from massage, to acupuncture, to chiropractic. It helped a little, but I was still in pain, so I decided to try something completely new...Trigger point injection (TPI) is a procedure used to treat painful areas of muscle that contain trigger points, or hardened knots of muscle that form when muscles do not relax. My friend Cat Turner is a Nurse Practitioner that performs this therapy, and I HIGHLY recommend her! Thank God she has a steady hand"
    Rachel D.

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